Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter 2011

My big four year old with his cheesy grin "protecting" his girly girl sister with her "bracelet" on. Ha! Love them to pieces!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

8 months

She is our little sweetheart. So much fun to see her personality develop and grow. Sweet, sensitive, observant, loving Brooklyn. We love you, pretty girl!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


I got upset at Walmart because the girl pajamas were $5 and the boy pajamas were on clearance for $1. So....I rebelled and bought racecar pjs for my little girl. Ha, I showed them...

"Look, Mom! What are these cars doing where the butterflies are suppose to be?"

Bath time fun!

Splish splash, I was taking a bath...

My pretty girl in the tub. I just can't get enough of those big sweet eyes. Makes my heart melt. And check out those two bottom teeth!!

I realized recently that we dont have any pictures of Brooklyn sitting up in the bathtub. We took lots of pictures of Branson in the bathtub when he was younger. I think this is because Branson spent lots of time in the tub (he loved it!) and Brooklyn's baths are fairly short. You don't get to play much in the tub, Baby Girl. So sorry! Her nighttime routine follows certain steps and takes a fairly long time (especially since her bedtime is 7:30!). First we eat solid food, then take a bath to wash the solid food out of our hair, then nurse, then drink a bottle. (Yes, we want to make sure she will stay full ALL night long...ha!) As of right now (7.5 months), she is still waking up between 4-5 to eat, but has gone as long as 6:30. We are working towards 6:30 every morning. Im not opposed to letting her cry, but when she wakes up Branson at 5:00 in the morning, Im not ok with it anymore. :)

And...while Im kinda writing things down that she is doing right now and I dont want to forget, here are some 7 month highlights:
-weighed 16.2 at the doctors office at 7 months. 30% weight, 30% head, and 50% height. He said you were long and skinny.
-eating a TON of baby food, but the doc said to give you as much as you want. (1 jar in the am, 2 at lunch, and 2 at dinner with some cereal and puffs thrown in randomly)
-just learned how to pick up the puffs and put them in your mouth. About half of them end up on the floor or in your seat
-love to watch Branson, Rufus, or just about anyone. You are content to sit and watch people most of the time. We are so grateful that you are a happy, content baby. Such a blessing!
-You are soooo quiet! Some fussing and some "talking" but not really babbling much. (This speech path momma is trying to be cool and not stress about it. I think it is just your personality.)
-You are sitting up great, but dont seem to be too interested in crawling yet. You love watching the action, but don't act to interested in being a part of it. That is fine with me!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE you, Baby Sister!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

She loves her brother!

I know that I have been a pretty bad blogger and right now the thought of "catching up" is very overwhelming. So...Im going to start right where I am and go back and fill in when I can. Here are my beautiful kiddos! They are having so much fun with each other. Branson loves Brooklyn so much and feels so important when I let him "keep care of her" when I go to the restroom or somewhere else very short. :) He recently did something that accidentally hurt her (it didnt even leave a mark) and cried harder than she did. He has such a sweet big brother heart towards her. I pray that loving and protective spirit remains a part of their relationship forever!
Brooklyn absolutely adores her big brother! She just lights up when he walks into the room and starts talking to her. He can make her smile and laugh when she is fussing. It is just so awesome to watch their relationship develop. When I start feeling guilty about not spending as much time with her as I did with Branson at this age, I just have to remember that she gets to grow up with a big brother and that is a wonderful gift!

Love them both to pieces!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

Summer cousin pictures...gotta love trying to get all those kids to look at the camera and smile. :)